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Lexus LX 470 Parts & Lexus LX 470 Accessories

Where, o where, has your Lexus LX 470 gone? Thanks to its sturdy suspension and ample ground clearance, any Lexus LX 470 can traipse across untamed badlands or pull up to the valet parking at the Waldorf without feeling out of place. This 4-wheel fusion of luxury and ruggedness is loaded with features, but there's always room for improvement with the right Lexus LX 470 accessories from AutoAnything. Customized floor mats, a boss grille guard, and a high-flow K&N air filter are all ideal upgrades for your Lexus LX 470.

Some people try to make the argument that the "X" in Lexus LX 470 stands for the "X" in luxury, but I don't buy that idea. I have this sneaky suspicion that the "X" in Lexus LX 470 actually stands for Xylophone because I can't help but think about the musical stylings of George Hamilton Green, Omaha's master xyler (whose penchant for extemporaneous scale work in "Jovial Jasper" has been known to make Nebraskans swoon), every time I see a Lexus LX 470. Even though ragtime is out of vogue, the Lexus LX 470 is still the bee's knees in most automotive enthusiasts' circles. However, no one is impressed by a Lexus LX 470 that can't get out of its own way because it's bogged down with busted auto parts.

If your stately SUV is limping around the streets instead of skipping along like "Rainbow Ripples," then it's about time you headed over to AutoAnything for replacement Lexus LX 470 parts.

Lexus LX 470 Parts

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