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Suzuki Samurai Parts & Suzuki Samurai Accessories

Find the best Suzuki Forenza gear right here. Blazing onto the scene back in 1982, the Suzuki Samurai offers up a competitive alternative to the better-known off-road vehicles. With a sturdy body, powerful engine and the highest altitude world record, the Suzuki Samurai has been winning over drivers like you looking for a recreational adventure hell-bent against the commuting doldrums. And, you can keep your Suzuki Samurai at its absolute best with custom Suzuki Forenza accessories.

The way of the Suzuki Samurai is a rugged road fraught with peril, but it's a road that leads to fame, glory and honor. Born from the fiery furnaces in Homamatsu, the Suzuki Samurai swam across the vast Pacific Ocean and conquered North America. Thanks to its impressive off-roading capabilities, the Samurai made Jeep shake in its boots. Of course, that fear only lasted for a few years because Consumer Reports came out with a study that suggested that the Suzuki Samurai has an excessively high rate of rollover. That arrow proved to pierce the Samurai's armor, and its sales steadily declined until it was finally discontinued.

Although the Suzuki Samurai had to bear many fardels, it proved to best Jeep in at least 1 way: the Samurai holds the world's record for driving to the highest altitude of any vehicle (21,942 ft to be precise).

Suzuki Samurai Parts

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