What Are the Best Husky Liners Floor Mats & Liners?


As weather-resistant, adaptable and hardy as the sled-dogs in whose honor they were named, Husky Liners floor mats and liners are the best money can buy. From the snowy, slushy mountain heights to the sandy, dusty desert valley below, there’s no environment that Husky Liners can’t handle. Their benefits are numerous, but three features that we feel are guaranteed to make the decision for you are their laser-cut design, their ability to corral all spills and their nibbed backing. Read on to find out the particulars.


As if their gas/mud/snow/water/oil-resistant, synthetic rubber construction wasn’t enough, Husky Liners products are all laser-cut to perfectly align with the contours of your vehicle’s foot space. This means that installation and removal when you need to clean them is quick, simple and efficient. Front row liners and second row liners are available, as are front center row hump liners.


Husky Liner mats aren’t just impervious to stains — the material won’t allow it — but they catch and contain all manner of debris and liquid tracked in, dragged in or spilled by you or your passengers. Tall perimeters prevent sloshing and doorsill lips provide added protection. Moreover, the raised center ribs keep dirt, grit and mud from going anywhere. The channels make sure the gunk stays where it fell until you get the chance to uninstall and hose the mats off in the front yard.


Don’t worry about these liners shifting out of position — the underside of each product on our site is dotted with hard-molded nibs to hold them firmly in place. It’s as easy as that, no screws, bolts or fasteners required.


So, while the features described above are found in both the X-act Contour Floor Liners (top left) and the WeatherBeater Floor Liners (top right), as found on our site, these two products aren’t exactly identical. The shapes and designs vary slightly, and the WeatherBeaters even come with a gearbox to help organize any tools and small items you may have. They come in black, grey and tan, while the X-act Contour liners are offered in black and cocoa. Ultimately, the choice is going to come down to taste, so take all the time you need. On your way to a stain-free road trip, you’ll save more at checkout thanks to our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee.