The Truth About Aftermarket Bushings

Do you Have to Sacrifice Ride Quality for Performance?

Every driver knows the basics of his or her car - wheels, engine, exhaust, suspension, and so on. But behind each of those basic areas are many more essential components. Bushings, for example, are small, often overlooked components that must be maintained to ensure optimal drivability of your vehicle. And if you think all bushings are created equal, think again.

All Bushings Aren't Created Equal

Sure, every vehicle comes equipped from the factory with a standard set of bushings, most commonly made from rubber. These OEM bushings are manufactured to conform to cost, material, or efficiency standards and aren’t necessarily the best for longevity or your ride quality.

Automotive parts companies, like Nolathane, recognized this at the onset and began manufacturing quality aftermarket upgrade bushings and other components to improve your vehicle’s stock feel and handling. Most widely known for their bushings, Nolathane has been operating out of Sydney, Australia since 1974 and also produces sway bar links, complete control arms, vehicle enhancements and more - so you can find ultimate control in your steering and handling.

Now let’s find out just why bushings are so important, and what that means to you.

What You Need to Know About Bushings

To easily understand how your car works, you can compare it to your human body. Suspension systems, like bones, are the source of how the body moves and responds. Bushings throughout your vehicle’s suspension system are most closely related to the joints in your body. Just like humans can get arthritis when their joints deteriorate, cars can get “Carthritis”™ when their bushings deteriorate. So, it’s important to have bushings made of top-grade materials, like Nolathane’s polyurethane, with enough flexibility to keep up with your driving demands.

Another important thing to consider about bushings is that they are for every vehicle. No matter if you drive a small car, a big truck, an import or a domestic, all vehicles have bushings. If you’re seeking high performance from your vehicle, there are various brands that cater to you - Whiteline, for example. For daily drivers and regular maintenance, aftermarket upgrade bushings like those Nolathane should fit the bill (and it’s not even an expensive one).

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that bushings can be replaced in the comfort of your very own driveway. Working on your steering? Swap out your bushings. Working on your suspension? Swap out your bushings. Bushings play a huge role in your vehicle’s handling, so any time you’re making adjustments be sure to complete the job with a new set. Fortunately, thanks to Nolathane, you can find premium, easy-to-install products crafted down under from softer, smarter, stronger materials and top-grade manufacturing technology.

Your steering and suspension systems are multi-faceted, and the better maintained they are the better your vehicle will drive. Sticking with one aftermarket brand for specific projects ensures your parts work together cohesively. Nolathane is a great choice for comprehensive steering and suspension work thanks to their broad spectrum of product offerings.

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