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Tonneau Covers

Sometimes the best thing about your truck’s bed can also be the worst. No matter what you’re carrying around back there, it’s open to the elements and prying eyes alike. Carrying a load of expensive gear and need to make a stop at the hardware store on your way? What’s stopping someone from reaching in and snagging your stuff? Well, tonneau covers (aka truck bed covers), give you the best of both worlds. The ability to hide away smaller items, but then to open up the bed to haul bigger stuff when the time comes. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at our Tonneau Cover Buying Guide. Here you can find everything you need to know for choosing the right truck bed cover for your pickup. You can also review our Top 10 Tonneau Covers for 2020.

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There’s a wide variety of truck bed covers. These include retractable, roll-up, hinged, folding, and more. There are choices when it comes to materials, finishes, colors, and mounting options. So, which one is the best tonneau cover for your truck?

Retractable covers are easy to install as well as operate. They are durably constructed and require no modifications to your truck bed for installation. The retractable style allows you to open and shut the cover and lock it into place in multiple positions along your truck rail. You can have your bed fully uncovered, fully covered, or partially covered. Whatever your need requires at the moment.

Roll up truck bed covers use tough canvas and vinyl to offer lightweight and affordable coverage while still liking great. They are a solid option when you want a soft cover that can be easily installed as well as removed. They are made to stand up to all weather conditions and still maintain a stylish, sleek look. Most have heavy duty straps that assist in keeping the tarp in place and your cargo securely protected.

Hinged bed covers are an easy to open and shut option for your truck. They usually have gas shocks that allow you to easily raise and lower the cover. The cover is designed to hinge at the cab and then the gas shocks hold the lid open securely while you reach inside the bed of your truck. These hard covers are a great option for those that want to have simple, no hassle access.

Folding tonneau covers are also hard covers, but unlike retractable or hinged covers, they fold back up on themselves. They are custom fabricated to your truck and allow you to have access to part or all of the bed of your truck. You are able to secure your cargo and the cover in any position, or remove it completely in mere minutes. These folding covers are amazingly versatile and a great option for those that want flexibility in their coverage.

Whatever truck bed cover you decide on, you can rest assured that they are built by brands who put innovation and quality above all else. All bed covers are customizable to be a match for your truck’s color or your personal style desire. Truck bed covers are not just for the working-vehicle, they come in mighty handy when it is time to head to the beach, to go on a hike, to go camping, or for a fishing trip. You can securely store everything that you need to carry with you with ease and with the peace of mind that you have invested in a tonneau cover that will do its job and never fail you. Haul your materials, tools, groceries, and so much more without having to worry about the weather. Just don’t stick the kids back there, even when they drive you up the wall.

Unsure of which one to buy? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect cover for you. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.
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