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Advantage Truck Accessories Tonneau Covers

It's a little known fact that when Kenny Rogers was singing about knowing when to hold ‘em and knowing when to fold ‘em, he was actually talking about the folding Advantage truck accessories, tonneau covers. They have an intuitive design and smooth operation. So, when the time comes to open or close yours, you'll be singing its praises, too. If poker doesn't interest you and folding isn't quite your thing, the Advantage tonneau covers also have a snap-lock option found in their Sure-Fit model that rolls right up out of the way for full bed access when you're hauling oversized goods.
Even the Gambler himself wouldn't taking any chances with choosing a high-quality truck bed cover, and you shouldn’t either. The Advantage bed covers are clad with heavy-duty vinyl that keeps water away from your gear and prying eyes off your prize. Remove the risk and feel more confident on and off the roads knowing that your cargo is hidden away under the protective cover of the Advantage tonneau covers’ tear-resistant vinyl or ragtop canvas.

With any accessory installation, the moment you pick up a drill your truck acts like a dog going to the vet – somehow it just knows what's coming. Save you and your truck any relationship-damaging heartache with the drill-free installation found in the line of Advantage truck accessories and tonneau covers. It’s a cinch with just a few hand tools and a small amount of elbow grease – most of the Advantage truck bed covers even boast an installation time of less than five minutes!

There's something satisfying about seeing the word "custom" when you go shopping for aftermarket truck parts. You aren't getting some "universal-fit" tonneau cover reminiscent of the baggy hand-me-downs your mom used to make you wear. Advantage tonneau covers are made to fit your exact make, model and year for a tight and sleek finish that'll have your buddies convinced it was fitted in the factory. Simply plug the details of your truck into our vehicle finder and let our online wizardry match you up with the perfect Advantage bed cover for your pickup.

If the sleek appearance of Advantage truck bed covers isn't enough to convince you of an upgrade, perhaps the knowledge that their low profile design can actually improve the fuel consumption of your ride will. Having a smooth cover over the back improves the aerodynamics of your truck, reducing the drag on the road while improving your style rating at the same time (if we do say so ourselves), meaning that the Advantage truck accessories tonneau covers can actually end up saving you money in the long run.

Finally, if neither that nor our cheerful reminiscing of a cherished 80's singer doesn’t have you convinced about our Advantage bed covers (tough crowd), you may enjoy perusing the reviews left by our extensive community of automotive enthusiasts. See what they have to say about Advantage truck bed covers and use their experiences to help inform your decision on what will best suit your vehicle. Make sure to leave your own review once you've installed your new tonneau cover and become a part of the community at AutoAnything.
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