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Painted Tonneau Covers

Enhance your truck’s impressive exterior with an attention-grabbing painted tonneau cover. Sturdy and stylish, painted tonneau covers deliver the top-notch defense and cohesive look you desire. An over-the-lip design adds extra coverage from precipitation and potential theft. Most painted tonneau covers are available with hinged openings, which makes them lockable, easy to open and allows for quick cargo access. Find yours with the help of our Tonneau Cover Buying Guide.

Tonneau covers are quickly becoming a must for truck owners, both for business professionals and families. Tonneau truck bed covers keep your cargo safe and sound, whether you’re hauling work equipment, sports gear, camping supplies or groceries from the store.

That said, truck bed covers have never been just about functionality. They also give your truck major style. With colored painted truck bed covers, you can take your vehicle’s personality to the next level.

What Are Colored Painted Tonneau Truck Bed Covers?

Regular tonneau covers are the same shade of black. Painted truck bed tonneau covers add bold color and amazing shine to the rear end. Many brands customize the cover to your truck and feature premium color matching. That way, you get a seamless look all the way around.

How Much Do Colored Painted Tonneau Truck Bed Covers Cost?

The price of a tonneau cover depends on the materials and level of customization provided. Roll-up tonneau covers cost less than heavy-duty tri-fold models with aluminum panels. If you’re looking for maximum security and weather resistance, though, the added price is worth it. For construction workers, having a way to keep expensive tools and equipment securely stored at any job site is a smart investment.

Pros of Colored Painted Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Colored painted tonneau covers give your truck incredible style. A sleek and shiny truck bed cover that matches your paint job looks professional and makes a great first impression. Plus, you get a complete seal that fully insulates the bed from wind, rain and moisture.

Cons of Colored Painted Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Single-piece tonneau covers provide excellent protection, durability and performance, but they’re also bulkier. Scratches are a risk as well, though premium finishes help significantly. Tri-fold tonneau covers are heavier, but they make it easier to remove items from your truck bed.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Colored Painted Tonneau Truck Bed Covers Through AutoAnything

At AutoAnything, we’re experts in aftermarket upgrades for trucks. We represent the best brands in the business, and we offer price match guarantees so you get a great deal. Check out our wide range of painted truck bed covers tonneau products right away.

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Customer Reviews

A.R.E. Fusion Tonneau Cover

Love it

One of the best covers I have brought,especially the color match. Going through the car wash, I just got a few drops of water at the tailgate. My old brand leaked a lot at the tailgate and in front of the bed. View more reviews...
Posted By Tony M (Aurora , IL ) / May 4, 2021
UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover

Undercover Elite LX Tonneau - Beautiful

Purchased this cover right before Christmas expecting it to come mid-January. It arrived before Christmas and my wife and I installed it! It is a great fit for my truck and I love the way it protects the bed! Great product and value! View more reviews...
Posted By Morris E (Mechanicsville, VA) / January 5, 2021
2016 Toyota Tundra
Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover

3rd times a charm.

I've had 2 other covers before, (one being a diamondback). Both were returned due to seller/manufacture errors & I thought this purchase would be more of the same but it came in great shape no dinks, etc. I've had it installed 3 wks & I had a chance to test during rain...not a drop inside my bed! Unboxing & installation were a bit tricky, 2 of us did it but 3 people might be better. Instructions weren't really clear to me in some areas so pictures along w/words would've helped more. Nice cover View more reviews...
Posted By Barbara T (STOCKBRIDGE, GA) / May 25, 2020
2003 Dodge Dakota