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BAK Roll-X Tradesman Tonneau Cover Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Charly Henley, the national sales manager at BAK Industries, that’s B-A-K Industries, and I’m here to show you the new Roll-X Tradesman at the SEMA show. A lot of contractors need that traditional work box, but they also like being able to cover up the back of the bed with a solid, locking cover and the Roll-X is the perfect hard, roll-up cover for your truck needs. By lowering and opening the tailgate, it exposes a pull cable release, which releases and allows you to roll the cover. When you get the cover rolled up at the front, your strap is going to allow you to strap it in the open position, giving you access to that valuable pick-up bed space. There’s a lot of elements in this cover that make it stand out from anything you’ve ever seen before. First is the aluminum structure that we have underneath here, and the fact that there’s no canister taking up space out of the bed. But even more importantly is the way that we secure the bed through our patent pending rotational locking rail design. And what happens is, the cover rolls down, it rolls down flush in the pick-up bed opening, and these blocks along the side have a locking slot. Now before I hit that lock hatchway, the cover’s still loose in the opening. Once I close that cover down and engage that rail, the whole length of the bed … you want it locked and loaded. The Roll-X Tradesman is made with two configurations — a traditional 20-inch work box, of course the latch releases need to be above the rail, it’s going to fit in a 20-inch opening to accommodate it in the front of the bed. And if you need that headache rack, we’ve got another combination that gives you a 25-inch gap so the headache rack and toolbox will lock up and secure that valuable cargo in your work truck. So when you’re looking for the perfect cover for your vehicle needs, Roll-X Tradesman is an outstanding contractor part, available at

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