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How to Shop for Hard Tonneau Covers

Opening Styles


  • Features multiple panels that fold flat on top of each other, providing partial-bed access
  • Some covers allow you to fold these panels up against the cab window for full-bed access
  • Top of the tonneaus can support heavy, evenly distributed weight loads, and can be used as a work bench
  • Best for people who need partial or full bed-access, solid security and easy operation

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Roll Up

  • Feature interlocking aluminum slats underneath and a tough, vinyl material on top
  • Allows you to grab your gear without fully opening the cover
  • Gives the sleek appearance of a soft cover, with the security of a hard cover
  • Best for people who need full bed access, solid security and seamless styling

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  • 1-piece covers that are often made from fiberglass or ABS plastic
  • Can be paint-matched to the color of your truck
  • Attach at front of the bed and tilts upward from the tailgate when opened
  • Provides the cleanest, OEM-issued or extreme custom look of any tonneau cover design
  • Best for people who need the ultimate security, weatherproofing and style

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  • Uses interlocking aluminum slats that extend from and retract into a drum inside the truck bed
  • Can be opened in increments for fast bed access
  • Low-profile design adds smooth styling to any truck
  • Best for people who would prefer a silky-smooth operation, solid security and sleek styling

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