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TruXedo Lo Pro QT Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by KEVIN S (Asheville, NC) Reviewed for a 2013 Ford F-150 — 2017-04-14 18:57:21

Overall, very easy to install and operate. I read the directions for 30 minutes, and then the actual installation took about 30 minutes after that. It looks great, and it has improved my fuel mileage by about 1.5 miles per gallon. I've only had it on my truck for about 2 weeks, so I haven't had a lot of time to see if any problems develop.

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Access Lorado Performance Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Carl G (LORTON, VA) Reviewed for a 2017 Dodge Ram — 2017-05-03 03:12:24

This is my second Lorado and I would recommend it to anyone. I installed it myself so it took a little longer then it probably should have. Overall, real easy to install but like the last one I had a little hastle with 2of the clamps. I took it real slow and got it.

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Access Vanish Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Christopher l (Holiday, FL) Reviewed for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma — 2017-02-06 21:42:31

On the 3rd gen Tacoma, it's easy to install without altering the bed or oem tracks. after installation, you can still use the oem cleats and you have access to the whole bed when it's rolled up. Easy to operate and only rises 1/2" above sides of the bed, except for the tail gate end of the tonneau rails which are contoured with the foam padding to fit on top of the lip of the bed instead of along the inside of the bed like the rest of the rail, which raises the profile a bit there.

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Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Dave W (HUDSON, CO) Reviewed for a 2012 Chevy Silverado — 2017-02-06 13:20:31

I have owned one prior and it lasted 5 years until I sold my truck.I purchased A new Extang BlackMax because of the quality in the past. Extang made some changes to the frame with plastic corners and plastic snaps so I couldn't give them a higher rating on Quality. But who knows it may be just fine. Looks good and does the job.

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Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan B (THOMPSON, ND) Reviewed for a 2014 Ford F-150 — 2017-05-02 07:17:02

Pros: Good price. Very fast and easy to install. Low profile design. I really like the easy open latch. Thinner material is easier to roll and doesn't take up much space when its rolled up. Cons: Even though I bought the tailgate seal. Each corner front and back has spaces for a little water to get in (a good rain storm or car wash and you'll notice it. I have had many other roll up tonneau covers that sealed almost completely(but they are higher priced). Overall: I would buy again.

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Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Christopher J (Fort Collins, CO) Reviewed for a 2016 Toyota Tundra — 2017-02-14 07:34:14

I bought an Access Roll-Up cover for my 2003 Ram and had it for nearly 9 years and the cover held up excellent so it wasn't a question on which tonneau I wanted to buy for my new Tundra. This one fits just as well and integrates with the deck rail system pretty nicely. They included a seal for the front of the bed and back edges of the rails. The locking mechanism is now automatic and spring loaded (nice!). The texture is different and a little odd but totally acceptable.

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Extang Revolution Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Neil S (Jacksonville, FL) Reviewed for a 2017 GMC Sierra — 2017-02-23 02:43:42

This is my second Revolution cover purchased from Auto Anything. 1st cover had a stitching failure after 8 years and was replaced by Extang with no issues. Quality product from an excellent company that stands behind the product. That's why I purchased another for my 2017 GMC, it will last and had a terrific warranty.

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Lund Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by John M (SAINT PETER, MN) Reviewed for a 2010 Ford F150 — 2017-05-10 07:44:23

I purchased a Lung Genesis Tonneau cover last fall for my son's 2007 F150. So far he is very happy with it and the quality seems good for the price. Because of that, I purchased one for my own 2010 F150 and am happy with it so far. It arrived quickly and was in good quality. It was simple to install, especially since I had installed my son's last fall. I also learned that it supports a 100lb. lab standing on top of it when rolled out & locked in place.

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TonnoPro LoRoll Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Robert B (ODESSA, MO) Reviewed for a 2004 Chevy Silverado — 2017-05-10 18:31:24

I had an old cover on the truck when I bought it new, it was weathered and needed replaced. I bought the replacement and it was easy to install, was a little tight but after it was on a couple days it stretched to fit nice. I love being able to keep things dry and can easily roll it back to carry larger items.

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Access Literider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Tom S (Black Creek, WI) Reviewed for a 2017 Dodge Ram — 2017-05-14 06:44:17

This is by far the best cover I have owned. Installed easily on my ram box, allows use of cargo rail system, and stays tight with no wrinkles or sagging.The removable tubes are a great idea for soft loads that require an extra inch or two of clearance.

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Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Keith C (Indianapolis, IN) — 2017-05-03 21:58:53

This will be my third Access roll-up cover. The first one (1999) I had for eight years and the second one (2007) I had for ten years. Each of those covers looked as good on the day I sold the trucks as the day I installed them. The vinyl does not crack or fade, even after 10 years. This new cover will be covering my new 2017 Honda Ridgeline's bed. It was the first accessory I bought for it.

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Advantage Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Shea W (Wapella, IL) Reviewed for a 1972 Chevy C10 — 2016-04-05 20:59:39

Went on in less than 1.5 hrs. Real easy, looks great!!! Only downfall is you will have to pull the thing apart and switch the snaps on the rails for winter and summer. Not hard but just a pain. First cover I've ever purchased so maybe all the snap covers are like this. Fit right on my short bed with no cutting or drilling. Well see how it holds up but as if right now if you're looking for an affordable and clean look I would recommend.

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Extang Express Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Charles P (NEWPORT BEACH, CA) Reviewed for a 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 — 2016-07-07 19:15:12

2016 Ram 3500 DRW. Used the chat (talked to Josh) went over several options.. I needed a cover at least 1-2 inches high because of a 98gal aux. diesel tank installed and had to cover the neck and pump transfer box without cutting though.. Decided on the Extang. Unit received when promised and installed easily. One note, no instructions included, but these were downloaded from the manufacturer, so not a problem. Very happy with it so far.. good quality and fit. Love the flush fit clamps.

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Revelation Roll Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Kit L (WHITINSVILLE, MA) Reviewed for a 2012 Nissan Frontier — 2016-05-16 08:02:44

Easy to put together and took about 30 minutes to install, mostly fitting up the pieces together. Manufacturer should have factory installed the cover to the front rail to save time. Very tight fit and extra muscle to stretch the cover, do it when its warm to allow stretching. Have not tried to take the cover off yet. Previous vehicle came off easily, hopefully the same. Had to put additional strip seal to the front due to 3 sides of bed had the trim protection on top.

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ProZ LoRoll Premium Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Charles M (Hixson, TN) Reviewed for a 2016 Ford F-150 — 2016-07-15 05:11:33

I had a trifold on another truck I liked it but in order to use the whole bed I had to remove it. After buying 2016 Ford F 150 I went to the roll-up glad I did. It was easy to install and when I need to use the whole bed it is easy to roll up and then roll back out. I am glad that I went with the ProZ LoRoll and at a good price.

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TruXedo Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Richard B (FALLBROOK, CA) Reviewed for a 2016 Nissan Titan — 2016-06-02 22:56:13

The TruXedo Deuce 2 tonneau Cover for the 2016 Titan XD looks and fits great. It sits only about 3/4" above the bed rails and the front opening is easy with just a light pull of the latch. It closes tightly. The installation was straight forward however one of the latch end fittings was installed incorrectly by the factory but was easy to correct. The tailgate must be open when closing the back of the tonneau inorder for the rear seal to sit on top of the tailgate. Both are minor issues.

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Access Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover Reviews

Reviewed by Julius H (McDonough, GA) Reviewed for a 1992 Ford F-250 — 2017-03-21 05:35:19

I really appreciate being able to have a tonneau cover and a toolbox. The installation was straight forward and required that I adjust the toolbox, but that was no problem. My truck has the diamond plate aluminum bed rail covers and I will be changing them to the smooth covers for a better seal with the cover hardware. Overall, I'm very happy with this product.

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