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The Top 5 Maintenance Tips for a Tonneau Cover

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The Top 5 Tonneau Cover Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly examine your tonneau cover for any nicks, bumps, dings, debris, looseness, corrosion or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.
  • Make sure all clamps, bolts and mounting hardware are securely in place. Loose mounting hardware can be disastrous to tonneau covers.
  • Double-check the rails to ensure the cover slides open and closes smoothly. If it doesn’t, adding lubricant prevents the tonneau from sticking to the rails.
  • Use water and mild soap to keep your tonneau cover clean. The soap is easy on the truck and won’t harm your cover. If you have a vinyl cover, use vinyl cleaner to keep it looking new and working properly. Use soft cotton cloths or sponges to dry the cover.
  • Never leave heavy gear on your tonneau cover for extended periods of time as it can cause sagging and damage. If you need to stack equipment on top, consult your owner’s manual for weight ratings and distribute it as evenly as possible.

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