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Truck Bed Accessories that Work with a Tonneau Cover


A tonneau cover is one of the best investments any truck lover can make — especially if they value the unmentionables they’ll be hauling. From high-quality sporting equipment to stacks of timber, cinder and miscellaneous containers, it’s all safe and sound in the shade of your folding, roll-up or hard tonneau. But while a tonneau may give off the appearance of a sealed deal, in no way does that mean you can’t spend money on further truck bed upgrades.

Read on and learn more about the top 10 truck bed accessories on our site, none of which will get in the way of your tonneau as they make your hauling life easier.



If you wanted to play a game of Tetris, you’d have downloaded the app. Make truck bed loading and cargo-compartmentalizing a breeze by investing in this set of bed bins. They attach to the rails in your existing Bedslide, fitting over your wheel wells and beside the wheel well storage. Constructed from top-of-the-line aluminum and composite materials with an all-weather soft surface inside the bins themselves, they’re essential for storing tools, rope, buckets of paint and more. Find upper trays of varying lengths on our site to complete the assembly.



BedRug Bed Mat

When headroom is a worry, nothing lies lower than a truck bed mat, and this one from ISO/QS-certified BedRug leads our selection. Made in the USA, easy to clean and designed for trucks with drop-in or spray-on liners, it’s manufactured from chemical-resistant polypropylene with a carpet-like surface and thick foam underneath. Pair it with the optional Tailgate Mat for complete coverage and payload protection.



Covercraft Truck Stop Cargo Bars

Cargo bars can be installed both nearer the cab or nearer the tailgate to prevent your coolers, sleeping bags, groceries and other gear from slipping and sliding around your truck bed. Fully adjustable, they’re not only compatible with trucks, but SUVs and vans too. These bars are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and feature padded feet on either end to firmly and safely grip the sides of your truck bed. No tools necessary. Go with the bar or use a cargo net for double the security.



TruXedo TruxSeal Tailgate Seal

What your tonneau cover does for your supplies, this tailgate seal does for your tailgate. All manner of contaminants — from moisture to mud, dust and pine-needles — will be stopped short against this universally-sized component, which ensures a perfect fit on any make and model pickup. Made from all-weather 3M acrylic foam tape, it installs easily — all you need to do is cut, peel and stick, and you’re good to go.



Du-Ha Reach E-Z Extendable Cargo Retriever

This component makes life easy if you don’t want to army-crawl under your tonneau for out-of-reach cargo. Aluminum-made and strong enough for 100 lbs, it extends from 5 ft to 7 ft, and features an adjustable ballistic-nylon tip for easy hooking from below. It comes with a mounting bracket for easy storage in your truck bed. Perhaps most interestingly, the retriever also includes a brush attachment and offers an optional ice scraper or flashlight for all-weather, all-times-of-night capabilities.



Access Truck Bed Storage Pockets

Designed for placement between the wheel well and tailgate, these pockets are compatible with trucks of any size and while lightweight — only 5.5 lbs — are as durable as they come. Fill them with anything from tie-downs and snow chains to shopping bags and small fluid containers. Choose between a 5” tall polished galvanized model or 6” diamond-plate aluminum design — whichever grabs your fancy. Self-tapping screws are included for installation.



TruXedo Truck Luggage Expedition
Cargo Sling

Cargo slings like this one are awesome because of how secure they are. There are no spaces, holes or mesh cutouts through which odds and ends can slip, and they run from side to side in your truck bed for plenty of storage space — up to 8 cubic ft with this model! It’s fashioned from commercial-grade, weatherproof fabric, with plastic panels and inserts to keep smaller items separate. Even better, there’s an open pocket in the front for external packing. Besides a tool-free installation process, the sling comes with a frame, rail system and cargo bag.



Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed
Storage Case

Completely compatible with your tonneau, this storage case installs in the “dead zone” above either wheel well. No modifications are required, as this heavy-duty, polyethylene-crafted case clamps right to the bed rail lip. Be aware, though, that the included adjustable brackets won’t work with truck beds that don’t have an inside lip. It accepts padlocks for double the peace of mind. At just 26 lbs, it supports up to 75 lbs’ worth of cargo and offers 2.3 cubic ft of interior storage space. Want to take it with you? No worries — it’s got a built-in handle for your convenience.



Access AA Battery LED Light

These lights aren’t just great for lighting up the interior of your tonneau-topped truck bed. They can be installed on an ATV, the wall of your garage, inside a truck bed toolbox, in a speedboat — basically any flat or curved surface. The possibilities are endless with this wire-free, LED setup. Powered by three AA batteries (sold separately), the 18”L strip is completely waterproof and features an automatic shutoff switch with an adjustable timer for extended battery life. It installs easily, thanks to a 3M adhesive on both the battery box and light strip.



Core Cargo Sports Bag

Athletes and parents of athletes will love this. Since their payload is likely to be comprised of softballs, soccer balls, footballs, mitts, bats and the like, the heavy-duty, UV-resistant poly-netting construction won’t be a problem. It won’t stretch beyond recognition or lose its shape because of its nylon-non-elastic nature, and metal-swivel fasteners ease the installation process. D-rings are included, so just clip it on and hit the road for the field. Your new bag also includes a reusable shopping tote — what’s not to like?