Top 10 Wheels for the Chevy Silverado

BY Thomas S.

New or old, swapping out your Chevy’s stock rims for an aftermarket set is one of the easiest ways to give your truck a new look. The not-so-easy part? Choosing the right ones!

Rather than settling for the bland, conventional 17-inch steel wheels that come standard with your rig, opt for a set of our Silverado rims available in every style under the sun – and we’re here to help you choose. From a variety of finishes to spoke designs and sizes, there’s a set for your Silverado.

If you drive a Silverado 1500 from 1999-current model year, your bolt pattern is 6x139.7mm or 6x5.5”. If you’re driving a 2500 or 3500 from 1967-current model year, your bolt pattern is 8x165.1mm or 8x6.5” – but keep in mind some 2500s had 6 lugs so check your specific truck. Now that you know your bolt pattern, join us as we rundown the top 10 wheels for your Chevy Silverado.


Black Rhino Armory Wheels

Rugged, dynamic and military-inspired, a set of Black Rhino Armory Wheels is the perfect way to complete your truck’s set-up. Displaying a bolted face with large lips that make for safe bead seating to oversized tires, these rugged rims are the key to your next victory over the roughest off-road trails – or just the coffee drive-thru.


Fuel Krank Wheels

Fuel Krank Wheels are built from one-piece cast aluminum for the high-strength and low weight you need to dominate the day. Showcasing eight Y-shaped spokes with milled accents around the lip, this is a perfect set of rims to ensure your rig is always ready to hit the road.


Fuel Vapor Wheels

If you’re looking to strike a bold first impression wherever you go, a set of Fuel Vapor Wheels are the ones for you. Featuring a 12-spoke design with simulated beadlock accents around the lip and a forged one-piece construction, you can count on these rims to get you to your destination in style.


Method MR305 NV Wheels

Specially designed for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs, a set of Method MR305 NV Wheels are always ready for the heavy-duty challenges the road throws your Silverado’s way. Sporting a 12-spoke design with a machined face and undercut outer lip, these top-of-the-line rims also feature a simulated beadlock 'Street-Loc' ring highlighted by zinc plated bolts.


Pro Comp Series 31 Alloy Wheels

Boasting unmatched strength and style thanks to state-of-the-art low-pressure casting, a set of Pro Comp Series 31 Alloy Wheels combine off-road and commuter-friendly style. Featuring a split 8-spoke design with machined accent studs for a simulated beadlock look, Series 31 alloy wheels have high-offset brake clearance that is ideally suited for your lifted Silverado.


RBP Glock Wheels

Incredibly durable and compatible with factory tire pressure sensors, RBP Glock Wheels offer the versatility you need in your Silverado.  Showcasing a split 10-spoke design, these wheels will continue to perform as good as they look for years to come.


Ultra 203 Hunter Wheels

Sleek and stylish, Ultra 203 Hunter Wheels can take your Silverado’s style and performance to new heights. Available in your choice of satin finishes, you’re sure to find a set of 203 Hunter Rims that complements your 1500’s look.


Vision 375 Warrior Wheels

Battle with rocky paths and potholed city streets alike by installing a set of Vision 375 Warrior Wheels. Displaying an aggressive profile that comes from the split 8-spoke design and stepped lip, each set of Warrior wheels comes in a dynamic finish to ensure your Silverado’s personality matches yours.


Vision 399 Fury Wheels

Reflecting your intense sensibilities, Vision 399 Fury Wheels display a split 7-spoke design where each spoke is accented with contrasting perimeters to highlight a sense of visual aggressiveness. Constructed from aluminum alloy to ensure each wheel is strong, yet light enough to handle any challenge you throw its way.


Vision 85 Soft 8 Wheels

As reliable as they come, Vision 85 Soft 8 Wheels are designed to bolt to your truck with ease. Forged from durable steel with a rugged gloss-black finish, these wheels sport an 8-circular window design that’s perfect for those who favor a more traditional style.

Which wheel looks like its best suited for you and your Silverado? Let us know and leave a comment below!