Top 3 Accessories to Add to Your New Truck


You love your truck, from the way it rides to the efficiency with which it performs. And whether you purchased it straight from the dealership or from someone who posted an ad in the local fish-wrap, you were happier to pay a lower price than you would’ve paid if it came with the extra add-ons you’ve seen on other pickups. But let’s say you feel like upgrading now, at the start of the new year — no better time like the present, after all.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about the top three aftermarket truck-specific products that you can find here on our site. And, thanks to AutoAnything’s 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find the right price on the right item.


TONNEAU COVERS are among the most popular aftermarket truck accessories that we carry. Whether made from soft but durable vinyl to aerospace-grade aluminum, they’re designed to keep your payload safe, dry and where it belongs. Some roll up, some fold back, and some can be controlled electronically by the push of a button. Whatever form your desired truck bed cover takes, it installs easily, is aerodynamic and gives your rig all-new style.



Located underneath the doors of your vehicle and available in your choice of cab-length and wheel-to-wheel configurations, RUNNING BOARDS are there to lend a secure step up in both wet and dry weather. Different shapes are available as well, from oval to round, and the installation process is relatively easy — you can either bolt them on, or they come with mounting brackets. Materials like mild steel, ABS composites and aluminum are used.



DEFLECTORS are designed to keep the outside world from ruining your ride — everything from insects to road-debris and howling highway winds. We carry a wide selection of bug, sunroof and wind deflectors, each of which has been custom-sized for a great fit over your cabin window frames, along the front of your vehicle or the edge of your sunroof. Most attach in mere minutes with the help of automotive-grade 3M tape.


Just because you’ve come to the end of the page, it doesn’t mean you can’t add more to your faithful truck. There’s a world of other accessories out there, from the aesthetic to the purely practical. Follow the link below to learn more about how you can optimize your vehicle, make light of heavy loads or keep both its interior and exterior looking clean, showroom-worthy or battle-ready.