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Smittybilt Replacement Jeep Soft Tops Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Glen with Smittybilt here at SEMA 2013. We’re excited to show you our replacement top and why it should be your choice and the only choice when you need a replacement top for your TJ or JK two-door or four-door. First and foremost, it is extremely tight fit and why is it a tight fit? Because we have heavy-duty velcroing that holds the product together. We have self-correcting, heavy-duty zippers that is easy to manipulate and work around. All of our glass is made in the United States. It’s DOT approved and it comes tinted. It’s perfect to reduce the glare on the inside. The top, obviously, is a replacement for the factory system. Factory system meaning, you do require the factory bow system and door surrounds to complete the installation. Installation is pretty easy. It’ll probably take you approximately 45 minutes to an hour to install it because there is some fasteners you have to replace that we include in the kit. This Smittybilt replacement top — it is your best choice for your Jeep because we also have the best warranty out there. You can buy it today, available for the TJ, for your JK two-door and the four-door, and you can get it at

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