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1997 Chevy Suburban
Trailer Hitches

So you can haul everything from a lawn mower to a space shuttle and maybe a few things in between.

1997 Chevy Suburban Trailer Hitches

We humans love our toys. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, smells, and sounds. Most of our standard vehicles cannot haul our toys without a little help. Whether you need a trailer hitch to pull your jet-skis, or a gooseneck to haul your RV, we have everything you need under one roof here. Do you daily commute your race car, but need room for your tires and tools? There’s a hitch for that! Do you need extra room to carry your bicycles to the trails? There’s a hitch for that! Do you have a stable of horses that need to get to the county fair? There’s a hitch for that! Check out our Trailer Hitch Buying Guide.
What Major Towing Brands are Out There?
We carry the top names in the industry so you can own and operate the best products out there. Names such as Reese, Curt, and Draw-Tite lead the segment with high quality parts guaranteed to do their job. Curt is one of the most popular brands for all your towing needs. Whether you need a basic car hitch for simple towing, or heavy duty gooseneck hitches with brake controllers, Curt has the equipment you need to get your job done safely. Draw-Tite provides all the towing hitches and accessories you need for the perfect set up. They provide tow hitches ranging from class I to heavy duty class V suitable for almost every make and model. Reese carries every tow accessory you can think of. Whether you need chains or pins to complete your set up, or 5th wheel parts and subassemblies, Reese has what you need.

What Type of Hitch Do I Need?
Trailer hitches come in a few styles. There are the simple hitch and ball mounts for smaller hauls such as mini flat beds and cargo carriers. Then there are heavy duty 5th wheel and gooseneck truck hitches to pull your full size flatbeds and speedboats. Depending on your towing needs, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for! Can’t find something that fits your specific application? We also offer universal pieces for that special job.

What’s the Difference Between 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Trailers?
Need to tow heavy loads or trailers? We carry 5th wheel hitches to help you with that. When regular tow hitches will not do the trick, a 5th wheel truck hitch will step up to the task. Need to pull a heavy trailer, but still need your truck’s cargo space? Gooseneck trailer hitches are what you’re looking for. Gooseneck trailers are popular in the livestock industry for their heavy towing capacity, while not compromising cargo space.

Do These Hitches Come With Everything I Need?
With towing comes many accessories to supplement the look and function of the towing system. If you are hauling anything oversized, wiring and lights are a must have for safety. We offer hitch adapter and extenders to make sure everything fits properly. There are truck hitch mounted mud flaps to keep your trailer clean and protect it from dirt and debris. If you’re towing another vehicle, we offer tow bars to get you all set up. And when you are not towing anything, protect and freshen up that receiver hitch appearance with a hitch cover.

Is Installation of These Products Hard? Are There Resources Available?
We do not leave you hanging here! We provide clear and detailed instructions to assist you in installing your equipment. Instructions will detail you with all the tools and equipment you will need to properly install equipment. Most tow hitch applications come with detailed video installation guides as well!

How Do I Know I Am Towing As Safe As Possible?
The top priority on anyone’s agenda when towing must be safety. We offer a plethora of accessories and equipment to keep you, your load, and your surroundings safe when traveling. We offer special mirrors to help you see your surroundings. We sell trailer jacks to help you safely lift and lower the trailer. There are trailer hitch locks and heavy duty pins to prevent your load from getting away. Whatever you need to keep the roads safe, we have it here for you.

Still stuck and need a tow out? For more detail, you can check out our in-depth towing guide. Also, never hesitate to get a hold of any of us with questions or concerns!
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1997 Chevy Suburban WeatherTech Trailer Hitches
1997 Chevy Suburban Westin Trailer Hitches
1997 Chevy Suburban Go Rhino Trailer Hitches
1997 Chevy Suburban Lund Trailer Hitches
1997 Chevy Suburban Black Horse Off Road Trailer Hitches
1997 Chevy Suburban CURT Trailer Hitches

Customer Reviews

CURT Trailer Hitches

Curt Hitch for 1984 Suburban

The hitch seems to be good quality, well made. Installation was not as easy as the instructions noted. I have a 40 gallon tank and I needed to make a fish wire to install the two forward bolts into place. Not a huge deal but just something to note if you have a 40 gallon tank. You can't just drop the forward bolts in. View more reviews...
Posted By Peter V (Pittsford, NY) / August 23, 2017
1984 Chevy Suburban
Weigh Safe Trailer Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount

Ultimate Hitch

The Weigh Safe Adjustable Hitch is the best around, from towing the wave runner to the 22' tri-axle the ability to adjust the draw bar angle to keep level compliments the ride to the vehicle and knowing the weight limit gives great peace of mind. The quality of it for the price is outstanding, I highly recommend it if you are serious about safety and style !!! View more reviews...
Posted By John W (Kapolei, HI) / December 5, 2016
2015 Chevy Suburban
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch

Quality product

Quality. Economical. Way more heavy duty than stock hitch. Fit my needs perfectly. View more reviews...
Posted By Bill P (Sumas, WA) / April 23, 2016
2003 Chevy Suburban

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