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How to Install a Trailer Hitch Ball on a Truck

Hitch Ball Install Guide
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Of all the maintenance and upgrades there is to do on your vehicle, trailer hitch ball installation ranks up there as the easiest. Basically, the hitch ball is built with a threaded bottom that simply bolts to the hitch ball mount. And, that’s it. Even ball mounts require no rocket science for installation, they easily slide right into your vehicle’s hitch receiver, get pinned in place, and again, that’s it. When it comes to setting your vehicle up for towing, the real work comes from installing the actual hitch receiver.

Installation Tip:

To make what would normally be an excruciating exercise a little more exciting, we recommend queuing up AC/DC’s seminal seventies opus “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” to track three, and installing that big ball with “Big Balls” blaring in the background.

About Receiver Hitches

For instance, you can purchase a GMC-specific Yukon XL hitch ball, but unless your Yukon XL has a hitch receiver, you’ve got no place to put it. So, you go out and get a hitch ball mount, but still, there’s no place to put that either. So, you have to knuckle down and get yourself a proper trailer hitch. When shopping hitch receivers, always stick with the biggest names in the biz, especially if you plan to install it yourself. Most of the big names – CURT, Reese, and Hidden Hitch – all craft their hitch receivers to bolt right to your vehicle’s existing frame locations, without any drilling or cutting required on your part. And, this is important since some of the fly-by-night manufacturers, who shall remain nameless to avoid litigation, don’t know a Jeep Wrangler trailer hitch from a Ford Escape trailer hitch from a hole in the ground.

Is Your Hitch Already Installed?

Even though it’s as easy to install a Subaru hitch as it is to install a Toyota Tacoma trailer hitch, doesn’t mean that installing any trailer hitch is easy. After all, a quality receiver hitch weighs upwards of forty pounds, and they’re completely unwieldy. And, unless you have a vehicle lift in your garage, and since you're perusing the internet for information on how to install a trailer hitch ball we’ll assume that you don’t, you’re gonna be laying underneath your vehicle trying to wrestle this thing in place. So, even though installing a trailer hitch ball can be done by anyone crafty enough to adjust a Crescent wrench, installing a receiver hitch is best left to the tool enthusiasts, or better yet, to the professionals.

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CURT Ball Mount
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