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Transmission & Transfer Case

Street grannies and hardcore rock-crawlers alike rely on their transmissions to get their wheels turning, whether it be up dangerous collections of boulders or up a gutter while attempting that parallel park for the third time. As far as most of us are concerned, our transmission and transfer cases are magical containers filled with spinning gears and fluid that somehow make your truck move. Unless you want to mess with the dark magic that keeps them running without interference, it’s important to keep everything well-maintenanced and in tip-top condition with AutoAnything’s selection of top-of-the-line manual transmission parts.
When you’re in the middle of nowhere and your transfer gives out on you, you can be in a world of pain. Rescuing isn’t always easy at the top of the trail and rock-crawling tow trucks unfortunately don’t exist (now there’s an idea). Make sure your transfer case and transmission are in good shape with even better quality parts, sensors, and fluid. Keeping your automatic transmission running is a great way to avoid finding out the hard way why driving is so much better than walking.

The underside of your vehicle takes a beating when off-road, from gravel flicking up on the less-beaten tracks to supporting the weight of your truck while tackling those challenging trails. The oil pan fitted to your transmission and transfer case isn’t always up to the task and can give way with excessive loads, letting oil out and dirt in there can cause all sorts of unwanted issues further down the road. It can be tempting to replace it with a cheap aftermarket part, but in some cases, a pan poorly crafted by a 4-year-old out of aluminum foil can have better structural integrity. Buy with confidence from our selection of quality pans and gaskets that are sure to handle whatever your adventures throw at them.

It’s a common known fact that red cars go faster, but it’s a lesser-known fact that a chrome shifter gives you smoother gear changes. A new, well-built shifter won’t just look great but comes with its own benefits, too, like much more comfortable gear changes, providing a smoother operation that stays smooth throughout the lifetime of the product. Make sure your truck is looking the part inside and out with our range of stylish hardware upgrades, keeping it clear to your friends that you’ve got the best rig with freshest manual transmission parts and accessories. Or, just rest easy knowing your daily driver with the automatic transmission parts that will help it to remain your trusty commuter for years to come.

It takes a lot of time and work getting your truck ready for a decent four-wheel driving trip; blood, sweat, and tears are just some of the ingredients it takes to get everything just perfect so you feel confident climbing those hills and crossing those mud pits. When your rig has taken a beating and it's starting to show the signs of too many good adventures on and off the road, it can be time to look into a new transmission altogether. Whether you need a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, we’ve got the best B&M products to satiate any at-home mechanic. Simply use our vehicle finder to find the perfect replacement to suit your vehicle and get your truck, SUV or daily driver back in fighting shape again.
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