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Truck Bed Liners

Truck Bed Liners

The stock liner on your truck was preparing you for the real truck bed liner that will protect your truck from the bashing, sliding, digging, grating, usual wear and tear that comes with the loading and unloading of everything from household items to hardware supplies and building materials, not to mention the havoc that your dog’s paws can wreak on it. Every single type of truck bed protection accessory that you could consider for your precious truck is now at your fingertips. But with all these options comes a lot of questions. Truck bed liners versus truck bed mats??? Rubber, elastomer, or carpet?? - They all have a specific allure and use.

Truck Bed Liners - Which one should you choose?

A truck bed liner can come in many options but there are two distinctive types, those that are hard plastic or rubber and those that are soft carpet. Both the heat molded or otherwise form fitted plastic or rubber bed liners and the carpeted bed liners provide a protective barrier that is designed to prevent dings, dents, and scratches from the cargo you are carrying. A truck bed liner is designed to cover the entire box of your truck. This includes the tailgate, bottom of the bed, sides, and sometimes the rails. They are custom crafted to your specific truck bed specifications so you will be able to quickly install it and be on your way.

A truck bed mat is different from a bed liner. It could be a durable rubber or elastomer mat, or it could be a softer but just as durable rug mat. Rubber truck bed mats are easy to clean, simply spray them off with the hose. They can be used by themselves or with an existing bed liner. Carpet truck bed mats provide the same great protection, but they require a little more care in cleaning, such as vacuuming or pressure washing. Truck bed mats are different from truck bed liners in that they do not cover the entire box. They cover just the bottom of the box and sometimes the tailgate as well.

If you already have your truck covered by a bed liner or bed mat and need just a tailgate liner or mat, you are in luck. Those are also available. They have a non-slip durable surface just like the rest of your truck’s protective exterior bed accessories. They are specifically cut to fit your tailgate and are just as easy to install.

When you get your liner or mat, you will definitely be satisfied by the quality. In a few years’ time, when you are thinking back fondly on the years of service that it has delivered to you, you will see how investing in a truck bed protective accessory has paid off. You will not have to face the scratches, rust, or paint damage that would have come over time with your stock liner or even worse, no liner at all. You will have a near pristine truck bed that will make you smile with pride. Choose quality! Choose to invest in your investment. It will pay off!

Still have questions? We are here to help. Jump on a chat with us, call us, or send us an email. We will be happy to help guide you to the right solution for your bed protection needs.
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