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How to Install a Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

Preparing the Bed

  • Wash the bed with a car wash soap that’s free of wax or protectants and allow it to fully dry
  • Scuff the surface of the bed with 36 grit sandpaper or equivalent. This provides a good surface for the liner to adhere to
  • Wipe the bed clean of all sanding debris and dust
  • Mask off areas that do you not wish to have the liner on
  • Coat the bed with the included adhesion promoter or primer, depending on your kit

Setting Up For the Spray

  • Connect the spray-gun and adjust the air pressure to the manufacturer recommended level
  • Mix a small amount first and test spray a piece of cardboard. Adjust the spray pattern accordingly

Coating the Bed

  • Fill the hopper and spray the bed with the gun 18” away in long, sweeping motions. Be sure to vary the spray paths to avoid any “shadowing” patterns from forming
  • Apply thin coats with 10 minute drying time in between until the desired thickness is reached
  • Remove all masking tape and allow the liner to cure for the recommended length of time

Congratulations on Installing a Spray-On Liner!