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Truck Racks & Van Racks

When it comes to getting the most out of your truck, there are two things that can help you up the ante, taking your setup from average to awesome: truck bed racks and headache racks. One lets you squeeze every last drop of hauling capacity out of your truck. The other protects your noggin’ from knocking on anything that might come flying through the back window in case of a sudden stop. Together, they form the perfect pair to help take you seamlessly from work to play, regardless of what you’re hauling.
For construction workers and truck owners whose ride is their workhorse, truck racks help you safely manage oversized loads with ease, reducing trips to and from the worksite. The four main bars will attach to the corners of your truck bed to raise your cargo carrying surface. Then, two adjustable crossbars will provide added support and a sturdy surface to lay things across. This will compartmentalize the back of your truck into multiple sections - leaving room for cargo and toolboxes below - while giving you an extra 300-1,200 pounds of hauling capacity.

For truck owners that have already invested in a tonneau cover for the back of their truck bed, it’s not a one-or-the-other decision that needs to be made. AutoAnything carries TruXedo truck bed racks that pair with tonneau covers to help increase your truck’s fuel efficiency by 10% and give you full access to everything in the truck bed.

For our weekend adventurers and water-loving adrenaline junkies, truck racks are the answer to the question of how you’ll get your kayak or paddleboard to the waterfront. Simply load up your gear and send it overhead before securing everything in place. The height of the rack matches with the cab of your truck to make use of the space over the entire vehicle.

And finally, while you’re in the mood for making modifications to your truck, consider topping it off with one of our headache racks. They can support the ends of ladders or surfboards that you want to stow across the bed of your truck, protect your truck from back window brake ins and can even block UV sun rays from reaching the interior of your truck.

Transporting tall ladders and long surfboards used to be tall order. Now, you can make quick work of moving those ladders, long 2x4’s, piping, carpet rolls, rebar and more. If time is money and time spent driving back and forth to the job site is a costly time suck, then investing in some high-quality truck racks for your work vehicle or full fleet is an investment that will pay off sooner rather than later. As you shop truck bed racks and headache racks from our favorite brands like Yakima, BackRack, and Invis-a-Rack, make sure you look for high-quality, lightweight materials - such as aluminum. This will increase your fuel efficiency without sacrificing durability or quality. And remember, if you need any help finding the best accessories for you, the skilled customer service staff at AutoAnything is here to help.
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