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Chase Racks

Outfitting your rig for off-roading can sometimes be tricky. Spare tires and a tire jack, extra gas cans, light bars, and tools all need a place to be stored. That’s where chase racks for trucks come into the picture. A custom chase rack is often mistaken for a roll bar, but it differs in that it allows for additional carrying capacity for all of your off-roading needs. If you find yourself off the grid, ripping down desert roads, a truck chase rack is the perfect solution for storage. Furthermore, installing a chase rack and adding more lights onto it will make your truck look like the ultimate racing truck.

Most organized races are going to require quite a bit of gear to race in the desert. Nothing is worse than getting out somewhere with no service and then shredding a tire. The gear required for many organizations could potentially include spares (yes, more than one!), gas cans and water cans, antenna mounts, a high lift jack, marker lights, and light bars. That is a lot of gear and a lot of weight. Custom truck bed racks give you added storage options, so you will always be prepared in the backcountry.

You don’t have to be part of a racing team to enjoy the benefits of truck chase racks. Although initially designed to hold spare parts to fix cars on the fly, these racks have become a must-have for off-roaders.

What Is the Purpose of Chase Racks?

While they may look similar to roll bars, these racks are much more than that. Their main purpose is to free up your truck bed and help you stay organized. Most base racks are made out of premium steel that is powder coated for durability or lightweight aluminum. Both enable you to support the addition of a tire rack or easily store tools vital to enjoying the adventure. A niche market, these racks are often customizable to fit your needs. Whether you need removable side panels or a specific finish, you can get exactly what you are looking for. A chase rack also gives your ride a rugged aesthetic and makes it easy to add LED lights, a roof rack and other accessories.

How to Install a Chase Rack

While a chase truck bed rack comes with many parts, including large pieces, the installation is relatively easy. Most are designed to install in approximately two hours and require no drilling or cutting. Regardless of which brand you choose, you can expect your new rack to come with detailed instructions to ensure you get a proper and secure fit. In general, the process will involve aligning and connecting the different plates and then attaching the assembled rack to the bed of the truck.

Chase Rack Maintenance

When you invest in a chase rack, that comes with peace of mind that maintenance will be a breeze. If you choose an aluminum rack, you instantly don’t have to worry about rust. Any steel option will come with a corrosion-resistant coating and hardware designed to last. Like with any part of your truck, you don’t want dirt and debris sitting too long. Luckily, these racks can be cleaned with soap and water. It is recommended to wash it after every big adventure or when you start to notice buildup.

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Black Horse Off Road Roll Bar Kits

Street and Offroad Apoeal

The Black Horse Armour Chase Rack is just what my 2013 GMC Sierra regular cab needed to set it apart from its local counterparts. Its bold and masculine with the red pony complements the red brake calipers and Z71 logo on the side rear fenders.Thanks for a great product. View more reviews...
Posted By Tommy A (Smiths Station, AL) / June 18, 2020
2013 GMC Sierra