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Truck Bed Tents

Camp with ease and comfort in an innovative truck tent that sets up quickly in your truck's bed. A truck camping tent is the trouble-free way to turn your pickup truck into a relaxing camper. Camping in your truck has never been this convenient. Check out options sized to your specific truck along with all the accessories you'll need for a trouble free camping trip.

If you love the outdoors and camping on the fly, there are many tents for truck beds that make it easy to explore your passion.

What Are Truck Bed Tents?

These tents are designed to specifically fit in a pickup truck bed. Most of them function similarly to regular ground tents but have special poles and straps that let you attach them to your truck. These tents are ideal for when you aren’t hauling a lot of gear in the bed since they require all of the bed for use. They can also be used with roll-up tonneau covers and toolboxes, though the toolbox may have to stay in the tent with you. Most of these tents have all the features you love, including two large windows, a fly rain and a door. Some even have a small window that lets you access the cab of the truck easily. Since they fit in the truck bed, most only sleep two people.

Benefits of Truck Bed Tents

Price is one of the biggest benefits of these types of tents. Instead of investing in a truck bed rack for a tent, these tents are already designed to fit your ride. Another benefit you get is the elevation. Along with not having to worry about sleeping on uncomfortable rocks, roots or uneven ground, you can park anywhere and have the perfect place to sleep. Adding a simple bedding mat provides a touch of cushioning to maximize the experience. Being off the ground also means not having to deal with unwanted water pooling underneath or creatures finding a way in. Lastly, a little leverage often gives you views you don’t get from the ground.

How to Store Your Truck Bed Tent

When you choose a pop up tent for the bed of your truck, you are getting a sleeping accessory that is easy to use and store. Since they are similar to a normal tent, they come in handy storage bags. That means simply taking out the parts and assembling, and then taking the tent down and folding it back up. Since these are two-sleepers, they tend to fold up relatively small. That means you can easily store it under the backseat bench or secure it in the truck bed.

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Customer Reviews

ProZ Premium Truck Tent

I like it

Looking forward to trying it out but when I got it and opened the box to put it together for the first time I noticed the tailgate pole had a bend in it. I was hoping that it wouldn't be an issue when I put it together but it bent more when I finished setting it up and could not be used. I did send in a warranty claim and a new pole is being mailed. I found the tent is much easier to put together on the ground and then putting it on the truck bed. View more reviews...
Posted By Cyril J (GOOSE CREEK, SC) / March 23, 2023
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

a great value for a good price

the tent is roomy - I can sit up and move around in it. We weathered a thuderstorm with wind and heavy rain, and stayed perfectly dry. It sets up quickly, once you know how. is sturdy and well made View more reviews...
Posted By Susan H (PLACITAS, NM) / October 13, 2020
Rightline Gear Truck Tent

My wife and I really like it. I ordered to small, should have b

Should have been a 6'er. Used once. Could I return and get the correct size, which is 6'er. I'll pay the difference. Your business is so appreciated View more reviews...
Posted By Sam S W (Sandy Hook, KY) / August 16, 2020