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Truck Tool Boxes

Truck Tool Boxes

If you’re ready to roll down the highway and across those bumpy country roads but are getting really sick of the clanging tools and cargo in the back being your constant soundtrack, we hear you. No - literally - we can hear you from a mile away. And so can the neighbors. Turning up the volume won’t fix this problem. It’s time to start looking at truck tool boxes that will not only help you stow your things for a noise-free journey, but will also help secure your cargo so everything arrives intact and in good repair.
When it comes to storage solutions for that cargo of yours, truck storage boxes are here to deliver up the utility and durability you crave, with the flexibility to maximize on the space in your truck bed. As you look at the options you’ve got, make sure you are carefully considering the shape, carrying capacity, alignment in your truck bed, functionality of the lids, accessibility when standing next to or behind your truck, and construction. Also, keep in mind that multiple brands offer custom-built truck toolboxes to make sure a “good enough” fit is a thing of the past.

First up, we’ve got the classic truck bed tool boxes that most people imagine. They sit directly under the rearview window at the front of your truck bed and span the width of your vehicle, securing to the sides of the truck bed. These truck tool boxes are often called Crossovers and they’re a rough and tumble solution for most large items and tools that you just can’t be caught without. They usually don’t sit flush with the bottom of your truck bed, which means you won’t lose your tools to the depths of no return and you’ll still have the valuable space under the box to slide cargo into the back of your truck.

But what if you want to be able to use every inch of your truck bed - for both hauling and storage? That’s where truck side tool boxes shine, friend. Low-profile models geniously fit into that seldom-used space behind your tire well and in front of your tailgate to give you quick access to all the tools of the trade without sacrificing the overall hauling capacity of your truck. Better yet, we carry multiple truck side tool boxes that come with a swinging feature, allowing you to bring your supplies to you when the tailgate is down.

Aside from these two common styles, AutoAnything carries truck storage boxes of all shapes and sizes in steel and aluminum to give you rugged reliability in any condition, with smart locking features to keep any tempted thief from calling your tools their own. Meanwhile, added organization like hidden drawers, dividers and removable tool trays make organization an art form. Not to mention, you’ll be able to tell your pal exactly where your wrench is without looking up from that job you’re working on.

It can take years to fill your cargo box with just the right tools for the job. Give yourself the peace of mind (and the peace and quiet) of knowing that they are safe, secure, and conveniently within reach. Shop our truck bed tool boxes from Smittybilt, Lund, JOBOX, Dee Zee and more to find a fit for your ride by simply inputting the make, model and year at the top of the page. Fast shipping and straightforward installation will have you up and off to the races in no time.
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