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Dodge Dakota Parts & Dodge Dakota Accessories

Nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award in 2000, Dodge Dakota has been pleasing mid-size truck markets since 1987. Combining the agility of a small pickup with full-size hauling power, Dodge Dakota can burn rubber with the sprinters and tow loads with the big boys-all with unique style. But, we didn't have to tell you that. You've experienced first-hand just what this baby can do. And, you can get even more of a thrill by installing some Dodge Dakota accessories from AutoAnything.

Dakota is no longer just the name of 2 states with a nascent tourist industry, or the most common western-themed moniker given to the children of forward-thinking, over-achieving yuppies. No, today the word Dakota means so much more, when it comes to the truck world anyway-the world famous Dodge Dakota. The Dodge Dakota has cemented its place in automotive history because it created a whole new vehicle segment, the mid-sized pickup. And lord knows we really need that. Before the Dodge Dakota, you could buy a big truck, or you could buy a little truck. But there was no mama bear sized rig anywhere to be scene, until the Dodge Dakota appeared.

Though we never champion mediocrity, we are champions of a niche filled-thank you Dodge Dakota.

Dodge Dakota Parts

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