2 Different Types of Car Covers & Their Benefits


It almost never fails. Just as soon as you’ve washed or waxed your car, something happens – from a dust storm to bird droppings to the water spots left by an unexpected summer shower. Investing in a car cover is the best way to avoid this, but the question of which one is best for you hinges on where you park your four-wheeled pride and joy.

Weather and airborne contaminants aren’t the only threats a car cover can stand up to – they also absorb and cushion against parking lot dings or collisions with a swinging object. There are two main types of car covers, plus a third for true enthusiasts.


There are more dangers indoors than you’d think, which is why you might consider investing in an indoor car cover – even if you garage your vehicle or park it under a car port. Dust harms the paint job, making it more susceptible to scratches; tight spaces lead to accidental bumps; and mildew can set into the carpet of your convertible if you leave it with the top down in damp conditions. To safeguard just your seating arrangement and not the paint job, there are also niche convertible car covers for your consideration.

Indoor covers fit snugly and are manufactured from high-quality materials – ranging from solution-dyed fabrics treated with water-repellants that allow the cover to remain breathable, to more elastic satin/stretch Lycra materials. They’re guaranteed to last longer than standard covers, surviving the hottest summer months.


It makes more sense that outdoor car covers are typically more durable than their indoor counterparts. Designed to keep inclement weather away, while keeping harmful UV rays out, these all-weather, snug-fitting covers are handy for cars, trucks and exposed Jeeps alike. And while they do an exceptional job at blocking the elements, they don’t absorb the bacteria, so your cover can last the long haul.

The last consideration you need to make is whether you want a universal or custom fitment for your interior or exterior wrap. Custom-fit covers always provide more coverage, but can cost more and take longer to install because of the close fit. Universal covers are an easy and affordable way to add a quick layer of defense. Some customers have noted that if you order a universal unit for a taller vehicle – like a pickup – you leave the bottom quarter of your ride exposed.


For those who want to take things a step further and seal off their ride from any unauthorized contact with the outside world, there are CarCapsule storage systems. Offering complete, 360° defense in the form of a durable PVC bubble that’s either transparent or opaque, this not-often-seen form of protection is available in multiple sizes for anything from low-slung sports cars to large-and-in-charge SUVs. A fan system provides continuous filtered airflow to keep things nice and fresh, and zippers close everything off for years of reliable defense.

So, at the end of the day, whether you park your ride inside or out, a car cover is one of the best ways to preserve its integrity from all sides.