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What Makes Lloyd Floor Mats So Great?


Looking for a new set of floor mats and liners? Tired of the same old, unsightly stains under your shoes, or the failure to retain spilled liquid? Fret no more — floor mats by Lloyd are reliable in every way, designed by the best and manufactured from some of the highest-quality materials around.

Before we begin, a little background on the company itself might prove helpful — Lloyd Mats is the largest US-based “all-model” manufacturer of custom-fit floor mats and liners. Founded in 1974, Lloyd is 100% employee-owned, with every member sharing under a qualified Employee Stock Ownership Program. Beginning in 1978, Lloyd’s list of innovations has grown exponentially as it continues to lead the industry. A few of the “firsts” you’ll see below include:

  1. Designs embroidered through the mats, 1987;
  2. Non-skid backing, 1991;
  3. OE mat fastening system, 1997;
  4. TractionBacTM non-slip backing, 1997.

There’s a lot more to them, to be sure, but let’s get into a few of the brand’s most outstanding characteristics. You’ll come away with a better idea as to why Lloyd floor mats and liners are the wiser choice.



Lloyd mats are designed for a precise fit across all applications. Front and second row mats, and liners for the cargo space. No matter where you decide to lay down some cover, you can be confident that no sliver of space will be left unprotected.



You can count on the quality of the carpet from which these mats and liners are made. They’re not only stain-, fade- and soil-resistant, but considerably thicker than standard mats, ensuring a longer service life. Nylon carpet and polypropylene yarn are used to craft them.



Sooner or later, these mats will catch exactly what you bought them to catch. In the case of carpet mats, liquid, mud and crumbs can really get into the fibers if you don’t clean them thoroughly enough. Not the case with low-odor rubber mats. Just hose ’em off as soon as you get home.



Exclusive Lloyd mats and liners are often larger than the OE mats that came with your vehicle. The fuller cut will come in handy, especially in the event that you want to fold down the second row of your van for a night at the drive-in, or for those who frequently travel with pets.



Rather than let an overflow of water or soda run straight off a flat, smooth surface, the folks at Lloyd designed some of their products with dimples or deeper cups to retain liquid. To reiterate, this makes them even easier to clean — so long as you can remove the mat without spilling more.



If you’re after a set of mats to either blend in with the rest of your interior color scheme, or stand out by offsetting it slightly, you’re in luck. Lloyd liners are offered in a rainbow of colors — just cycle through the swatches to find the shade that best suits you.



You can choose from customized mats sporting a wide range of officially licensed automotive logos — not to mention lifestyle logos, military emblems and personalized initials, known as “monograms.” Be aware, though, that embroidered mats are not returnable.



First introduced to this brand in 1991, small, molded rubber spikes or nibs back certain Lloyd mats to keep them from shifting around too much underfoot and over time. They’ll grab onto your carpet and hold fast for the long haul.



Factory-compatible security hooks and fasteners are implemented on some mats and liners. Proprietary anchoring systems come in handy, locking your product in place even if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with fastening hardware or mat posts.

No matter if you’re looking for soft carpet mats or their more rugged rubber counterparts, Lloyd — and AutoAnything — has you covered. But with so many great features common across this product line, it can be hard to single out one set for your purposes. If you’re interested in what other shoppers like you think of our selection, you can sort our products by selecting the “Customer Rating” category. You’ll find that our top four customer-pleasing mats are, in order, Ultimat Custom Floor Mats, RubberTite Rubber Floor Mats, Velourtex Floor Mats, and Protector Floor Mats, the last of which are actually made of 80mil vinyl — not rubber or carpet.

If you want to know which ones do the best for us, you can shift the category to “Best Selling,” to see (again) Ultimat Custom Mats and RubberTite Floor Mats, then Luxe Floor Mats and Northridge Rubber Floor Mats. Whichever you go with, know that we back everything on our site with a 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee and Free Shipping throughout the continental United States to give you the best deal possible.