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Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Wheel Spacers & Adapters For Sale - Shop 10mm, 15mm, & 25mm Wheel Spacers for Cars & Trucks

Nine times out of ten, you are in the market for wheel spacers to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Pushing your wheels out just a little bit with spacers can make your car look upgraded, and many would agree that it’s quite attractive. But spacers do offer benefits other than looks. Wheel spacer adapters effectively widen your wheelbase so they can help in cornering and reduce your chances of rolling at high speeds. Sometimes, in the off-roading world, spacers and adapters are necessary. In certain vehicles, your tire can only be so big before it is going to hit the suspension. If you still want those larger tires and wheels and you do not want to change the bolt pattern, one solution is to invest in wheel spacers to push the tires out. This would also widen the wheelbase and prevent the tires from hitting your suspension. In doing so, you would create more space for your tires and move the wheel and tire outward. Wheel adapters essentially do the same thing -  create more space. Adapters, however, create this space by changing the bolt pattern. While their purpose is to allow you to install any custom wheel without changing the bolt pattern, the adapter needs room, so it pushes the wheel out. Aside from wheels, another reason you might need to create more space is to allow for a larger brake kit. If you are wanting a bigger brake kit, but your car is the standard set up, spacers or adapters are worth considering.

As mentioned previously, spacers and adapters will make small differences in the wheelbase to aid in driving. Because the wheel is pushed farther out (farther away from the chassis), you have a wider base, which means better gripping capability on the road and a lower center of gravity. The result: you will be able to handle turns like a pro and accelerate out of the turns faster. If you are considering spacers or adapters, we recommend 10mm wheel spacers and 10mm wheel adapters. These push your wheels out just enough, but not too much. They will fit flush with your vehicle's body. If this is your daily vehicle and not something you only use to take into the backcountry, your wheels should still remain in your car’s frame in order to receive the benefits of the spacers.

Whether you are looking to add a new aesthetic to your daily drive, want better handling around corners, or want to dominate the off-road scene, spacers and adapters can be a benefit to you. If you have purchased new wheels and tires, but they aren’t quite right, spacers are an inexpensive option to make your equipment fit and work for you. They also allow for larger brake kits, and they increase the curb appeal of your car or truck. As an added bonus, they are easy to install in your own garage. It’s something you can do in an afternoon. AutoAnything offers several high quality and affordable, aluminum spacers and adapters for you to choose from; particularly, brands like Rugged Ridge, Eibach, G2, Alloy USA, H&R, and RT Offroad. Once installed, you will definitely feel the better handling capability and be navigating turns with the best of them.

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H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers


Great quality spacers ! View more reviews...
Posted By Ovais M (SAN JOSE, CA) / June 14, 2020
2009 Honda Civic
Eibach Pro-Spacers

Look awesome

These spacers are fantastic. Quality material, easy to install and make car look killer View more reviews...
Posted By Brian H (Dyer, IN) / April 10, 2019
2014 Dodge Challenger
G2 Wheel Spacers

Flush fitment

I have flared out fenders on my Tacoma. These 1.25 inch spacers push out the wheels to perfect fitment. Torque to vehicle spec i am happy with the look of the truck. I have used spacers on my other vehicle without any problems. Just check torque specs every tire rotation. View more reviews...
Posted By Ivan C (HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA) / October 10, 2017
2019 Subaru Forester