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Wheels & Rims

There are a ton of reasons you might want to swap your factory rims for something with a little more personality, functionality, or both. Along with all the various needs people have for custom wheels comes more choice than any sane person would know what to do with. Luckily, we're not exactly what you would call "sane" people, and we made it our purpose to figure out just what the heck is going on in this crazy industry and how to best get you what you need. There is a ton to consider here, especially when moving to a different size rims from what you currently have, as the wrong size for your setup can lead to some major headaches.

So first let's go through the different kinds of rims for sale out there, what they're made for, and some different factors you should consider before pulling the trigger on a new set of custom wheels.

Just want custom wheels that are cool/unique?

You ever come out to your car and find an essentially identical one has parked right next to yours? That's a hell of a lot of money you spent on that thing just to have the guy across the street give you a "howdy neighbor" as he climbs into a copy and paste version of your car, isn't it? We hear you on that one. We want our vehicles to have a little bit of personality to them here, and we're sure you do too, hence the literal hundreds of different rims for sale on our site.

Need the performance?

"Simplify, then add lightness." -Colin Chapman

For outright track performance, the two most important factors for your rims are lightness and strength, however it's a tricky balance. Too much of one means you might not have enough of the other. Wheels are unsprung, rotational weight, along with your tires, brakes, axles, etc. This means that the more weight you add here, that's more power that both your engine and brakes need to put out to overcome that weight. Reducing this rotational mass where you can make a huge impact on acceleration, steering weight/feel, and braking. These just happen to be the place where weight can most easily be saved, as there is more room for different materials and designs to make the difference. The other main alternative would be carbon ceramic brake rotors, which can be quite a bit more expensive than most rims for sale.
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