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Chevy Silverado
Wheels & Rims

Chevy Silverado Wheels & Rims

For the newest 2022 Chevy Silverado Wheels & Rims product applications, and 2023 Silverado Wheels & Rims products once they become available, we are America's top aftermarket destination for your Wheels & Rims product fitment needs. One of the easiest ways to really make your truck your own is with a new set of Chevy Silverado wheels. The truck is an American staple, and one of the best selling vehicles in America... which also unfortunately means they have made thousands of trucks completely identical to yours. But that's where the fun begins! Because you have literally hundreds of different style wheels to choose from. Learn more by checking our our guide on How to Choose Wheels for Your Vehicle.
Whether you're just looking for a unique look, are after off road performance, or both, you're spoiled for choice. Take a look at popular brands like Fuel, Method, RBP, and Pro Comp for a solid set of alloy wheels. With a wide range of Chevy Silverado rims for sale in tons of different colors, sizes, finishes, and styles, you'll be sure to find something that catches your eye.

In order to stay as light as possible while maintaining strength, custom wheels manufacturers make good use of strong aluminum alloys and sometimes even titanium for hardware on examples with multi-piece construction. This allows them to trim away as much material as possible while increasing strength and rigidity over your stock equipment. These aren't the kinds of things you generally need to worry about on your daily commute, but off-road or on the drag strip, those benefits become huge.

Most alloy rims in the lower price range are generally cast in construction, meaning they are made by pouring the molten metal alloy into a precut form, and then machined further into shape afterwards. This method of manufacturing is generally quicker and less expensive, though the tradeoff is that during this process the aluminum will solidify into a more porous state, and as a result the wheel can be more susceptible to cracking, pitting, and possibly lower overall structural integrity. This is why you won't find as many say, serious race car drivers running cast instead of forged, however they make up the bulk of wheels you see for sale, as these Chevy 3/4 ton wheels for sale are strong enough for most people.

Once you get into the higher end of the price spectrum you will start to see forged construction wheels, meaning the metal starts out as a solid billet and is pressured into shape before finally being machined into the final cut. This has the benefit of avoiding the porous structure that cast forms often end up with, and in the process of being formed, the metal is actually strengthened, allowing manufacturers to strip away more material and experiment with more interesting and extreme shapes while maintaining strength needed for the desired application. For every day street driving, or even some light-medium track or off road usage, good cast aftermarket Chevy rims can last just fine. However, if you're looking for the extra peace of mind, love the look, or need the added strength and lightness, then a forged wheel just might be worth ponying up the extra dough for.

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Ion Alloy 171 Wheels

Old school

I love these wheels, they stick out just enough to make my truck look sporty, yet not so much that a good car wash machine can clean very well. This fit my Chevy to a "t". I haven't lifted my truck and there are no rubbing issues with stocker tires. View more reviews...
Posted By Jameson F (Idaho Falls, ID) / March 25, 2018
2015 Chevy Silverado
Method MR305 NV Wheels

got these for my 17 silverado

constantly getting compliments on these, they look really good. View more reviews...
Posted By TYLER G (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) / March 16, 2018
2017 Chevy Silverado
Vision 85 Soft 8 Wheels

V - 85 Soft 8 Review

I love my new wheels. I was worried that they would fit my Heavy Duty truck and was pleased to find that they went on, slicker than butter. I added a chrome center cover and chrome lug nuts, not only do they look awesome, but they work great! View more reviews...
Posted By John T (Canastota, NY) / April 21, 2017
2006 Chevy Silverado

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