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Windshield Shades & Covers


Windshield covers and shades, who needs ‘em? Well, you, if you own a vehicle. Buying high-quality windshield sun shades that you can put up on the inside of your dashboard is the fastest (and, hello, most affordable) way to protect the interior of your car from that unforgiving summer sun, while windshield snow covers sit on the exterior of your vehicle to block ice and snow from forming on your window. There’s a bit of a difference between the two, and being able to effectively navigate through all the windshield covers available ultimately comes down to what climate you live in and knowing whether you want a universal solution or a custom one. Universal windshield covers and windshield sun shades will fit on most cars, trucks, and SUVs, and they may come in basic colors or have multiple designs to fit your fancy. Custom options will be sized to your specific vehicle and will require special ordering.
Car sun shades come in accordion-style or folding designs. Their sole job is to block out radiation from the sun and those very unfriendly UV rays with reflective materials, preventing your dashboard, steering wheel and seats from premature fading, cracking, and overheating. And we know that nothing wakes you up more than sliding into the driver’s seat and scorching your salt shaker on those nice leather seats you just had to have. We don’t know about you, but here at AutoAnything, we prefer a hot cup ‘o Joe to get us going in the morning.

Windshield Covers & Car Sun Shades

Meanwhile, anyone who’s lost the feeling in their fingertips while scraping ice from their windshield knows the less romantic side of waking up in a winter wonderland. Put away the ice scraper, because our line of top-quality windshield snow covers will get you on the road faster and frostbite-free. Most windshield snow covers can easily be unrolled and attached to your rearview mirrors to ensure that they stay in place. Just like car sun shades, they can also be custom ordered to fit your make and model of vehicle.

Windshield covers and shades will keep your ride factory fresh for years to come and even let you have a little fun while doing it. You can go for a classic black design or flaunt your personal style (or team loyalty) with a custom design. Windshield sun shades will be a life-saver for summer driving and, if you live in a place that gets to enjoy all four seasons, we recommend checking out our full selection of both car sun shades and windshield snow covers. You probably spent a long time saving up for and picking out that perfect ride, make sure you have the right accessories to protect it from Mother Nature’s whims, no matter what time of year it is.
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